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Class Calcium-binding Protein
Compound Mol_id: 1; Molecule: Protein Kinase C (Beta); Chain: A, B; Fragment: Calcium/PHOSPHOLIPID BINDING DOMAIN; Synonym: Calb; Ec: 2.7.1.-; Engineered: Yes
Author R.B.Sutton,S.R.Sprang
Model type XRAY
Resolution 2.700000

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This definition is from UDE Tue May 25 14:43:02 BST 1999

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Domain Segment FROM TO See Domain Enter Classification
1a25b-1 1 B:157:- B:288:- Rasmol Enter
Class (from SCOP) : All beta
Fold (from SCOP) : Immunoglobulin-like beta-sandwich

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