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Class Transcription Regulation
Compound Bira Bifunctional Protein (Acts As Biotin Operon Repressor And Biotin Holoenzyme Synthetase) (E.C. Complex With Biotinylated Lysine
Author K.P.Wilson,L.M.Shewchuk,B.W.Matthews
Model type XRAY
Resolution 2.800000

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Domain Segment FROM TO See Domain Enter Classification
1bib-1 1 -:2:- -:64:- Rasmol Enter
Class (from SCOP) : All alpha
Fold (from SCOP) : DNA-binding 3-helical bundle
1bib-2 1 -:65:- -:270:- Rasmol Enter
Class (from SCOP) : Alpha and beta (a+b)
Fold (from SCOP) : Class II aaRS and biotin synthetases
1bib-3 1 -:271:- -:317:- Rasmol Enter
Class (from SCOP) : All beta
Fold (from SCOP) : SH3-like barrel

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