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Class Elongation Factor
Compound Elongation Factor Tu (Ef-tu) Complexed With Guanosine-5'-(Beta,Gamma-imido) Triphosphate (Gdpnp)
Author M.Kjeldgaard,P.Nissen,S.Thirup,J.Nyborg
Model type XRAY
Resolution 2.500000

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Domain Segment FROM TO See Domain Enter Classification
1eft-1 1 -:1:- -:7:- Rasmol Enter
2 -:216:- -:310:-
Class (from SCOP) : All beta
Fold (from SCOP) : Reductase/elongation factor common domain
1eft-2 1 -:8:- -:215:- Rasmol Enter
Class (from SCOP) : Alpha and beta (a/b)
Fold (from SCOP) : P-loop containing nucleotide triphosphate hydrolases
1eft-3 1 -:311:- -:405:- Rasmol Enter
Class (from SCOP) : All beta
Fold (from SCOP) : Elongation factor Tu (EF-Tu), the C-terminal domain

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