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Full Members of the Data Analysis Group

Full members of the DAG are funded specifically to collaborate on a range of projects across the School of Life Sciences and beyond. They are supported by discussions with the wider Barton Group members, in particular those who are working full-time on collaborative projects.

Dr Christian (Chris) Cole

Chris Cole Chris is Senior Bioinformatics Research Officer and founder member of the Data Analysis Group. Like former Group member Ian Overton, Chris previously worked in Simon Hubbard's group at Manchester. Chris found the attraction of Dundee too great to miss, he dragged his family along with him, although his wife was happy to be back in Scotland!

Chris left the bench after a traumatising Ph.D. and has been "doing" Bioinformatics ever since. In that time he has worked on protein-protein interface prediction, homology modelling, prion protein structure analysis and various aspects of proteomics.

Chris joined the Group to forge links between the Barton Group and wet-lab researchers in the School of Life Sciences. He worked on protein structure prediction and proteomics, before being the first to do deep analysis of Next Generation DNA sequencing data in Dundee in collaboration with Gyorgy Hutvagner. He then became the founding member of the Data Analysis Group (DAG) and from March 2011 has worked primarily on a Wellcome Trust Funded collaboration with Irwin McLean. In March 2014 he returned full-time to the Data Analysis Group but will maintain his involvement with the Centre for Dermatology and Genetic Medicine (DGEM).

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Chris joined the Group on 1st Feb 2006.

Dr Marek Gierlinski

Marek Gierlinski Marek is a member of the Data Analysis Group (DAG) a sub-group of the Barton Group. He is supported by funding from the Centre for Gene Regulation and Expression as part of our joint venture to carry out innovative data analysis for high data content/high-throughput techniques such as proteomics mass-spectrometry and next generation DNA sequencing.

Marek was born and educated in Poland. He graduated from the Jagiellonian University in Krakow and completed his PhD in astrophysics at N. Copernicus Centre in Warsaw. He moved to The University of Durham in 2000 as a postdoc and stayed there until 2009 in a succession of research and teaching positions. His main interest there was weird astrophysical objects: black holes and neutron stars. 2009 marked a dramatic change in his career: switching to Bioinformatics. One huge step for a man!

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Marek joined the DAG on 23rd March 2009

Associate Members of the Data Analysis Group

Associate members of the DAG are either on project grants with specific goals, or have responsibilities in NGS or proteomics. Associates include: Dr Nick Schurch and Dr Stuart Macgowan, but all members of the Barton Group contribute advice to DAG projects in their areas of expertise.

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