The GOtcha FAQ
Can I install GOtcha myself?
Yes. You can download the latest distribution of GOtcha from here. Full installation instructions and dependencies are found in the README.
I've installed GOtcha but it doesn't work when I search NCBI/UniProt/GenBank
GOtcha is developed and calibrated to work with the specific databases distributed with the software. It relies on mapping the identifiers to the GO database formatted for use with GOtcha. Other databases will not have the same identifiers or term distribution so will not give accurate results with GOtcha.
Is there a web service interface to GOtcha?
Not yet, though one is planned. As there appear to be few standards for this sort of application, designing an appropriate web service is a non-trivial task.
Can I run my 57 genomes through GOtcha?
The web interface is intended for users who want to examine a few sequences. If you have a large number of sequences then we recommend you download and install GOtcha locally. Please contact me for advice on running GOtcha in a high throughput environment.
I've got a suggestion/comment/question/found a bug..
Please contact me on