Getting Started

Choose a JABAWS distribution

I want to use JABAWS for... Quick Guide
Running Muptiple Sequence Alignments through Jalview on my own computer JABAWS Virtual Appliance (VA)
Running JABAWS on the cloud, for one or many users JABAWS on the Amazon cloud
Running JABAWS for my group, lab, or organization on the local infrastructure JABAWS Web Application aRchive (WAR)
Accessing a JABAWS server from my own code JABAWS Java Client

The JABAWS command line client

This is a single java archive which contains the JABAWS command line client. It requires Java version 1.6 to run, and allows anyone who wants to connect to and to use JABAWS from their own software. You can read more about how to use command line client in the CMD Client section of the manual. You can also get command line help by changing to the directory where you downloaded the client jar, and typing:

  • java -jar jaba-client.jar

A JABA Web Services are WS-I compliant. This means that you can access them from any language that has libraries or functions for consuming interoperable SOAP web services.