Getting Started

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I want to use JABAWS for... Quick Guide
Running Muptiple Sequence Alignments through Jalview on my own computer JABAWS Virtual Appliance (VA)
Running JABAWS on the cloud, for one or many users JABAWS on the Amazon cloud
Running JABAWS for my group, lab, or organization on the local infrastructure JABAWS Web Application aRchive (WAR)
Accessing a JABAWS server from my own code JABAWS Java Client

Running JABAWS on your local machine

The Virtual Appliance (VA) package allows you to run a JABAWS server installed on TurnKey Linux as a virtual machine on your laptop or desktop computer. A complete guide to the JABAWS VA is given in the manual, but for the impatient, a brief instructions are given below:

If you work on Windows, Linux or Unix

  1. download and install VMWare Player.
  2. Unpack the JABAWS virtual appliance and open it with VMware Player.

If you work on Mac do the same using VMware Fusion, or for free alternative use a WAR JABAWS package.


To check that your JABAWS virtual appliance is working visit the Services Status page available from the main JABAWS menu. For this enter the JABAWS URL for your new server into a web browser. This is shown once the appliance is booted up.

Alternatively you can use Jalview to complete the testing.

  1. Launch the desktop version of Jalview
  2. Open the Jalview desktop's preferences panel (from the Tools->Preferences menu option), select the Webservices panel and press the New Service URL button.
  3. Enter the JABAWS URL for your new server. This is shown once the appliance is booted up.