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Protein kinases are enzymes which add phosphate groups to proteins. They are important in biological processes such as cell signalling and can be divided into a number of groups based on function and the similarity of the amino acid sequence.
Kinomer is a multilevel HMM library that models these protein kinase groups. It allows accurate identification of protein kinases and classification to the appropriate kinase group.
Citing Kinomer
The citation for the Kinomer v. 1.0 HMM library is:
Miranda-Saavedra, D, and Barton, G.J. (2007) Classification and functional annotation of eukaryotic protein kinases. Proteins 68, 893-914. PubMed
The citation for the Kinomer v. 1.0 web server is:
David M. A. Martin; Diego Miranda-Saavedra; Geoffrey J. Barton(2008) Kinomer v. 1.0: a database of systematically classified eukaryotic protein kinases Nucleic Acids Research , doi: 10.1093/nar/gkn834 PubMed
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