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ALSCRIPT Command Summary

WARNING: Very little error checking is performed on command input. If you give the wrong number of arguments to a command, then unexpected things may happen, or the program will crash very inelegantly. I hope to fix this in the next version of the program, in the meantime, make sure you give the correct number of arguments to each command.

All commands up to the first space character may be entered in UPPER or lower case or MiXEd case. Qualifiers for commands (e.g. REL) must be written in UPPER case.

Command Reference:

<int>  = enter an integer  (e.g. 240)
<float> = enter a floating point number (e.g. 0.45)
<string> = enter a string (e.g.  ARNDql)
<qstring> = enter a quoted string (e.g. "Active Site")
<char>    = enter a single character.