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Unix Installation

ALSCRIPT is distributed with executables for Sun (SunOS 4.1.3), Silicon Graphics (IRIX 5.3), DEC ALPHA OSF/1 and Sun Solaris (2.4). The executables are stored in the subdirectories bin/sun, bin/sgi, bin/osf and bin/sol. If these are OK for your system, then just add the apporpriate directory to your path, or put links to /usr/local/bin or somewhere that is on all users paths.

The source code for ALSCRIPT is contained in a directory hierarchy. The top directory contains a README file and the BUILD script. Subdirectories are: examples which contains example command and alignment files, doc which contains and PostScript copies of the manual - a subdirectory of this contains an HTML version of the manual, and src which contains the source code and Makefiles for the package. There may also be a directory called bin. If present this will contain subdirectories with executables for the programs in the package. Makefiles to build alscript, msf2blc, clus2blc and alsnum are included in the src directory. Versions for Sun (acc compiler .sun), Silicon Graphics (.sgi), DEC OSF/1 (.osf) are included.

There is a utility csh script called BUILD. Simply type ./BUILD sun to compile alscript on the Sun, ./BUILD sgi for Silicon Graphics or BUILD gcc for use with gcc compiler. See instructions in the file BUILD. The BUILD script will create a /bin directory and subdirecotry if not already present. You can create makefiles for different computers and the BUILD script should still function.