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Format for Input to program PATT

A rather bizarre but flexible format as generated by the print_horizontal/pattern option in multalign!!

 #Pattern    !start of pattern description
 Nelm, Nchar !Number of elements in pattern/number of characters/element(10,9)
 E1          !Pattern element 1  (eg. AAAGGGCCC) (80a1)
 F1          !Flexible Gap range 1 (eg. 0,3)
 EN          !Nth pattern element - this ends pattern description
 #Details    !Details of the first recorded pattern match
 ID          !Protein Identifier 10 chars 
 Title       !Protein title - 80 chars
 Len         !Protein Length - 80 chars max
 An,Pn       !Sequence No, Pattern alignement Number
 Score       !Real number  - max 80 chars
 #Sequence   !Start of sequence identifier
 one letter code sequence 80a1 format
 #Match      !Description of the match follows
 1,Pos       !N,Pos - N is the pattern element, Pos is the sequence element
 2,Pos       !which it is aligned.  If the pattern overhangs, then N is 0.
 #Details    !Start of next pattern alignment, or end of file

 This format file is output by MULTALIGN in response to the 
 print_horizontal/pattern=fname command

 Note:  The An,Pn refer to the An(th) sequence aligned to the pattern, 
        and the Pn(th) alignment of the pattern to this sequence - thus
        1,1 refers to the top scoring pattern match with sequence 1,
        1,2 the second best pattern match to seq 1 etc.