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The scanps_alias.dat file

You will not normally modify this file. For the sake of completeness, the format of the file is described here.

The scanps_alias.dat file allows aliases to be defined for any of the valid commands. For example, here is an excerpt from scanps_alias.dat.

MAX_NSEQ        max_nseq        #Maximum number of sequences allowed
TIME            time            #Set to 1 to record CPU times
MODE            mode            #Type [scanps HELP modes] to see available modes
QSEQ_FORMAT     QSEQ_F          qseq_format     qseq_f   #0 = PIR format, 1 = FASTA format
DB_FORMAT       DB_F            db_format       db_f     #As for QSEQ_FORMAT
MAX_SEQ_LEN     max_seq_len     #Max allowed length for an amino acid sequence

Each command name is followed by a list of aliases, then a # followed by some optional descriptive text.

Geoff Barton (GJB) 2002-07-23