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Converting alignment formats using ACONVERT

ACONVERT is a utility for interconverting alignment formats. It can be found installed as bin/aconvert in the STAMP installation directory. The typical usaage is:

    aconvert [-in <type> -out <type>] < <input file> > <output file>

where `type' is one of `c', `m', `b', `f', `p', which denote CLUSTAL, MSF, AMPS/BLOCK, FASTA and PIR format respectively. If no `-in' argument is given, the program tries to guess the format, though note that this can sometimes fail (the program will usually issue an error in this case). For examplle to convert a STAMP alignment into CLUSTAL format, one would run :

    aconvert -in b -out c < stamp_trans.10 > stamp_trans.10.aln