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Jim Procter jprocter at compbio.dundee.ac.uk
Fri Feb 4 15:18:29 GMT 2011

Dear Balascz.

On 04/02/2011 13:03, Balazs Laurenczy wrote:
> I wonder if any of you use the "-props" argument for the .jnlp file ?
> I'm actually trying to use it, but the file given in argument isn't
used by jalview!
The reason for this is that Jalview expects the properties file
specified by -props to be a file on the computer. Since webstart (the
jnlp launch mechanism) runs Jalview in some arbitrary directory
(varies from machine to machine), then it's very difficult to specify
the correct file path for the properties file.

> Can any of you tell me what I am doing wrong ? Is this a bug ?
> Is anyone using successfully the "-props" argument ?
> I would also find nice if it could be a URL, like for the other inputs
of jalview.
That is a good feature request - although there are some security
caveats that might have to be considered. Those who have seen the
source of Jalview may have noticed an undocumented argument
('setprop') which allows specific properties to be set, but I never
enabled this function because it could, potentially, be abused.

Anyhow - I'll consider this feature for the next but one release


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