[Jalview-discuss] problem with associating two alignments window with one structure display

Paul Pillot paul.pillot at ac-nice.fr
Sun Feb 13 22:10:13 GMT 2011

I've just ran into a bug with the latest jalview version. As I mentioned in a previous report I try to reedit my previous projects so that they work with the latest jalview version.
Everything worked fine until I tried to bind two sequences coming from two different alignments to one 3D structure file :
- one alignment is antibody heavy chains
- the other is antibody light chains
- the 3D is an antibody pdb file
When the view structure is selected, jalview offers to reuse the currently displayed structure for the second sequence. Then when hovering over a residue in the sequence file, the same residue is highlighted in the display (that's the expected behavior and it proves that some binding actually occurs). But when the color by sequence option is picked, only the first sequence's color is actually transferred to the model.

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