[Jalview-discuss] Kerberos

Jim Procter foreveremain at gmail.com
Tue Jan 10 12:05:36 GMT 2012

Thanks for the output, Anders.
On 10/01/2012 07:50, ASMR (Anders Sønderberg Mortensen) wrote:
> The Java console output is listed below with the debug .jar. It appears to be using basic authentication scheme which is not what I execpted.
hmm. This very much depends on the kind of SSO system you are using I 
suspect, though I'm far from being an expert on this!  From the output 
you sent, however, it looks like the applet doesn't even get as far as 
generating debug messages concerning what its doing before the 
authentication dialog is shown.
> We have already been talking about getting around with the problem by putting the .aln file in a place accessible to everybody, but we are not too happy about doing it that way.
That's quite understandable!

I'm actually having trouble recreating the situation you are observing, 
and that I described in my previous email. If I stage an applet behind a 
Basic HTTPAuth server, then I get prompted once after the java console 
appears, and providing I authenticate correctly, I don't see another 
authentication box for the lifetime of that java plugin (ie until the 
console disappears), and all the data loads in fine. This isn't what 
you've described, and I'm very pressed for time at the moment, so I 
probably won't be able to replicate the SSO setup you have in the 
immediate future.

If the Jalview applet is actually launching, then you might be able to 
try a different approach and pass the data to Jalview via javascript 
after getting it from the SSO-authed server. There's a very simple 
example here:

If that does the trick, then you should be able to specify all the other 
default parameters (defaultColour, etc) in the applet tag and the only 
difference will be that a javascript button will be shown rather than 
jalviewLite's own button.

ps. I'd like to resolve this in the future - since there is increasing 
interest in having Jalview play nice with secure data sources. Would you 
mind adding some comments about the apache config and browser 
combinations you are experiencing the problem with on the bug report ? 
(its at http://issues.jalview.org/browse/JAL-1038 )
.. I'll then try and get around to setting up my own system so I (or 
someone else!) can experiment with making the applet aware of its 
security context.

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