[Jalview-discuss] opening jalviewLite with a pre defined alignment

T.G.P.Bolderink at lumc.nl T.G.P.Bolderink at lumc.nl
Thu Jan 19 14:33:40 GMT 2012

dear jalview crew,

i found the above code to start jalview with an alignment pre-loaded in the discuss section
<a href="http://www.jalview.org/services/launchApp?colour=Taylor&amp;open=...alignment.aln&amp;features=...features.gff&amp;annotations=...annotations.txt" target="_blank">Click here</a>"

i know this code is aged but i have a few questions:

i am working on a website and i would like to have jalview open an alignment (without having the user manualy input the file)
is this possible with the above code?(eventually jalview will have to run localy but i see no problems there)
i have tried putting simpe fasta files in diffrent folders on the web server but so far jalview has not been able to locate them
(the link will open jalview but without the alignment).

are there any other ways to get jalview to open from a webpage with the alignment already defined?

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