[Jalview-discuss] Window stuck behind menu bar (solved!)

Leon P. Martinez Castilla castilla at miranda.ecologia.unam.mx
Fri Jan 20 23:01:32 GMT 2012


  I continued searching for answers to the window-behind-menubar problem and noticed that it had come up 
previously on may 5, 2011 ([Jalview-discuss] Alignment window beyond top of Jalview window). The solution was 
posted by Jim Procter:

It is a bug - and seems to be a problem with the way that OSX's java 
implementation fails to handle interior menu bars properly. 
http://issues.jalview.org/browse/JAL-368 is the most recent iteration of 

 From the bug report, you can see there is a workaround: A colleague - 
Richard Bickerton found that if you use X, followed by G, to expand and 
then collect all the views on the alignment (after first creating 
another view with control-T if you don't have one), then all the windows 
should get placed within the visible region of the desktop again.

 Since I´m using a mac (MacOS x 10.6) i was able to creat a new view using the option key + T, although using X 
and G to expand and then gather the views was useless (a Mac-specific bug?). Fortunately, the menu bar on my 
alignment window was still visible, so I was able to expand the views using the View menu, which brought the 
windows to the middle of the desktop, where I could close the new view window and resize and replace the 
original one to my heart's content.

   I'm sorry I hadn't read the discussion archives carefully enough before posting my previous message!



>    I have what I think is a very dumb problem, but I´ve perused the discussion 
> archives and and haven't found a thread wit a similar problem. The thing is I 
> somehow managed to drag my main alignment window behind the desktop menu bar,
>  so that neither the red, yellow and green buttons or the top edge of the 
> alignment window are visible. As a result, I can no longer move the alignment 
> window. Is there anything I can do to restore its former mobility to the 
> alignment window?
>    Any hints will be much appreciated.
>   Best,
>   Leon
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