[Jalview-discuss] Delete non-gap sites in linked split frame view?

Povilus, Rebecca Ann rpovilus at fas.harvard.edu
Thu Jan 7 15:15:43 GMT 2016


I've encountered an issue while working with the linked split frame view for looking simultaneously at the nucleotide and corresponding amino acid sequences of an alignment. What I would like to do is edit non-gap sites (specifically, delete entire columns) in the amino acid alignment and have the nucleotide alignment change/update accordingly.

If I understand it correctly, the current split frame view editing capability works with deleting and inserting gaps sites only (As stated in the jalview help documentation "Editing (gap insertion / deletion) in the protein alignment is reflected in the cDNA (but not vice versa)"). It's great that Jalview added this capability, but is it (or could it be) possible to delete non-gap sites as well?

Let me know additional information would be useful.


Becky Povilus
Ph.D. Candidate
Organismic and Evolutionary Biology
Harvard University

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