[Jalview-discuss] Delete non-gap sites in linked split frame view?

Mungo Carstairs (Staff) g.m.carstairs at dundee.ac.uk
Thu Jan 7 17:02:27 GMT 2016

Hello Becky,

Rather than deleting columns, would it serve your purpose just to hide them?

This would be my preferred choice here (it's simpler to change how the sequences look than what they are).

But having said that - I notice that 'Hide Columns' is buggy in the split frame view in a rather awkward way!

Hiding columns in one half doesn't hide the equivalent columns in the other half.

Clicking on them in order to hide them as well - redisplays the ones you just hid. Ouch.

I will raise a task to fix this.  Please let me know if that would meet your needs.

It's great to have feedback on the split frame feature, as it is 'new and experimental'.  Any other comments or suggestions would be most welcome.

Best regards,


Mungo Carstairs
Jalview Computational Scientist
The Barton Group
Division of Computational Biology
School of Life Sciences
University of Dundee, Dundee, Scotland, UK.

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I've encountered an issue while working with the linked split frame view for looking simultaneously at the nucleotide and corresponding amino acid sequences of an alignment. What I would like to do is edit non-gap sites (specifically, delete entire columns) in the amino acid alignment and have the nucleotide alignment change/update accordingly.

If I understand it correctly, the current split frame view editing capability works with deleting and inserting gaps sites only (As stated in the jalview help documentation "Editing (gap insertion / deletion) in the protein alignment is reflected in the cDNA (but not vice versa)"). It's great that Jalview added this capability, but is it (or could it be) possible to delete non-gap sites as well?

Let me know additional information would be useful.



Becky Povilus

Ph.D. Candidate

Organismic and Evolutionary Biology

Harvard University

The University of Dundee is a registered Scottish Charity, No: SC015096
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