[Jalview-discuss] Image export in EPS LineArt format on Mac does not work

Mungo Carstairs (Staff) g.m.carstairs at dundee.ac.uk
Fri Aug 10 17:08:19 BST 2018

Hello Petya,

Sorry to hear that! To help me investigate...

1) Can you confirm the versions of Jalview and Java that  you are running - this is logged at the start of the Jalview Console output (Tools | Show Java Console).

2) Do you choose 'Text' or 'Lineart' for the EPS output?

(If you don't see this option, you may have it set as a preference EPS_RENDERING in your home directory .jalview_properties file.)

3) Are you able to share the output EPS file (by private email if preferred)?

4) Does this also happen with our 'example' alignment? To load this:

File | Input Alignment | From URL...| http://www.jalview.org/examples/uniref50.fa

Thanks and best regards,


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I am trying to export some alignment images from Jalview into high-resolution EPS format for downstream figure making in photoshop. I am working on a MacAir with MacOS High Sierra. While this functionality was working fine a few weeks ago, it no longer does as I am getting black insets for the alignment part of the image and only the text for the sequences' titles on the left is visible in the exported .eps file. I am not sure why this problem appeared. I tried to update both Jalview and my Mac, but the problem persists. Any ideas why this occurs and how it can be fixed?

Thanks in advance,


Petya V. Krasteva, Ph.D.

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