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Target Optimisation Utility

v 2.5

The Barton Group

Welcome to TarO version 2.5

TarO analyses a protein sequence by a large number of bioinformatics techniques. These include crystallisation propensity prediction, orthologue searching, and many other sequence-based calculations. Results are tabulated and available via an annotated multiple sequence alignment, that can be edited interactively using Jalview.   Login:
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TarO is focused on Structural Genomics target selection/optimisation, but provides annotations that can be informative to a range of biological questions. TarO Help
TarO connects to available DAS (distributed annotation system) information via Jalview and links to Dasty2, as well as providing routes to other gateways such as UniProt. The results of an example TarO query can be browsed here. This is version 2.5 of TarO released on the 20-th of May 2010 see the help pages for more information.

Guest Access

Guest access allows you to try TarO without registering. Although there are no restrictions on guest access, guest results are visible to everyone and will be deleted from the server after a minimum of 8 days.
See here for details on how to obtain a free private account for academic use.

Use Policy

We ask users to wait until the results of their submissions become available before submitting any further sequence queries. Results are normally available after 2-12 hours.
Please DO NOT write scripts against this server. If you are thinking about conducting large-scale analyses contact TarO_admin (taro@compbio.dundee.ac.uk).


The original developer of TarO in the Barton group was Ian Overton. Since September 2009 further development and maintenance has been carried out by Peter Troshin. Other contributors to TarO include Jo van Niekerk, Lester Carter, Alice Dawson, David Martin, Scott Cameron, Stephen McMahon, Malcolm White, Bill Hunter and Jim Naismith with overall direction by Geoff Barton. Funding was provided by BBSRC under the SPoRT initiative. If you use TarO please cite: Overton et al. (2008) "TarO: A Target Optimisation System for Structural Biology", Nucleic Acids Research (web server issue) doi:10.1093/nar/gkn141.

More information on TarO is available here.