Cargo trailer

This trailer is designed to carry reasonably heavy loads (ca. 100kg) and will connect via a weber hitch. The design is probably not viable commercially as there are too many joints.

General view of the trailer. The tow bar is constructed from various bits of an old Raleigh Highlander that had seen better days. The hitch has not yet been fitted.

View of the trailer deck. The triangular bracings have holes drilled to bolt a deck to.

The join to the trailer tow bar is through the stem which allows for adjustment.

Rear view. The wheels are the front wheels of a couple of recycled mountain bikes.

Rear view showing the bracing under the deck. The ends of the tubes will be stopped with M5 threaded nuts to allow reflectors/lights to be fitted.

Close up shot of the wheel bracing. There are a lot of joints, some very complex which take a lot of work to get fitted. No the mitring isn't very good but it should be up to the task.

And after the maiden voyage.. It rolls very nicely and took the equivalent of a car boot full of recycling to the dump.

The largest load so far - taking an old bed to the dump.


Deck: 1m x 0.7m
Weight: not sure, about 8-10kgs. It would be lighter had I not used quite so much bronze.
Tubing: Bog standard mild steel 16x1mm and 12mm square. The drawbar is Reynolds 501, recycled from an old bike.