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Installing the 3Dee Rasmol interface

This is a quick and easy method for setting up the Rasmol interface on your system. It has the disadvantage that a new Rasmol window is started every time a rasmol script is requested from the server. SCOP also has two interfaces to Rasmol (a basic one and an advanced tk/tcl interface). The 3Dee Rasmol scripts are compatible with the SCOP interface. Information on setting up the SCOP interface can be found here (instructions on setting up a Macintosh Interface are also given).

Necessary steps for a UNIX computer

  1. Obtain a local copy of PDB (note files must be of the form pdbxxxx.ent)
  2. Get a copy of Rasmol The complete source code and user documentation may be obtained by anonymous FTP from ftp.dcs.ed.ac.uk [] in the directory /pub/rasmol.
  3. set the enviroment variable RASMOLPDBPATH to the directory containing all the PDB files (in one large directory). For example:
    setenv RASMOLPDBPATH /usr/local/data/pdb
  4. add the following line to your .mailcap file in your home directory
    application/x-rasmol; xterm -e rasmol -script %s