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Welcome to Geoff Barton's Bioinformatics Research Group

Bioinformatics Research Our research focuses on the development and application of computational methods to improve the understanding of biological systems.

The Figure illustrates how our work is divided into three interlinked areas:

1. Technique Development: which includes software for multiple sequence alignment and analysis, protein structure and prediction and sequence analysis.

2. General Analysis: where we apply our methods to large collections of biological data. For example: protein kinases and protein-protein interactions.

3. Specific Applications: where we apply our methods and other techniques to specific biological systems usually through collaboration with experimentalists. See the publications dropdown menu and the Data Analysis Group pages for recent papers.

We are in the Division of Computational Biology which is part of the College of Life Sciences at the University of Dundee in the United Kingdom.

Featured Software and Servers

You can browse our Software and Databases page for details, but some highlights are:

Jalview Jabaws Simple Logo JPred PIPs Logo polyAdb


Funding and Featured Collaborations

Our core funding to support research and development of Jalview, Jpred and related software is from the BBSRC and Wellcome Trust. For details of other current and past funding, see our people pages.

We have a longstanding BBSRC funded collaboration with Dr Gordon Simpson on RNA processing. This has included pioneering work on the analysis of RNA expression and polyadenylation in plants by Direct RNA Sequencing, much of which is encapsulated in our polyAdb database.

We collaborate closely with the lab of Prof Irwin McLean on human skin disease through a Wellcome Trust programme grant and a strategic grant to the Centre for Dermatology and Genetic Medicine.

Outreach Activities

The most prominent outreach activity from our group over the last few years has been the GenomeScroller exhibit.

Our essay on The UK Academic System aims to help people to understand how scientific careers develop, what the terms Reader and Professor mean in the UK and how scientists fund and publish their work.


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