What is SNAPPI?
SNAPPI stands for Structures, iNterfaces and Alignments for Protein-Protein Interactions. The SNAPPI-Package consists of SNAPPI-DB, SNAPPI-View and SNAPPI-Predict.

SNAPPI-DB is an object-oriented database of domain-domain interactions observed in structural data.
To read about SNAPPI-DB click here
To read about the associated Java 5 API (Application Programming Interface) click here.
To download SNAPPI-DB, the API and documentation click here

SNAPPI-Predict is a protein-protein interaction prediction program which is currently in development.

SNAPPI-View is the web interface to SNAPPI-DB and SNAPPI-Predict. This web interface currently enables limited searching of domain-domain interactions contained within SNAPPI-DB but is under development to enable highly interactive searching.
To query the database using SNAPPI-View click here.

SNAPPI has been developed by Emily Jefferson a BBSRC-funded student with Geoff Barton at the University of Dundee