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STAMP - Structural Alignment of Multiple Proteins 

Version 4.4.2

Corrects error in logic introduced in 4.4.1 that prevented STAMP reading its own output files!

Version 4.4.1

Minor change in getdomain.c to stop uppercasing the domain definition string.  This was breaking lowercase chain identifiers.
Note this has the side effect of requiring the keywords in the domain definition files to be in uppercase.  This is probably
good practice anyway!

GJB and FB 30th July 2015. 

Version 4.4.

Copyright (1997, 1998, 1999, 2010) Robert B. Russell & Geoffrey J. Barton.

Changes in version 4.4.

1. STAMP is now licensed under the GNU General Public License, which differs from
the license used in previous versions of STAMP. A copy of the license can be found
in the LICENSE file.

2. The manual has been updated to reflect some minor changes in the STAMP output format.

3. Minor modifications have been made to the source to eliminate the use of obsolete
header files and allow STAMP to be compiled on Mac OS X. 

4. The bundled SCOP domain databases have been updated to SCOP release 1.75. The program
(scop2stamp) used to create these databases is included in the distribution.