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This directory contains a collection of software from Geoff Barton and colleagues.
Specific authorship is identified below. 

Package         Author(s)

ALSCRIPT 	Geoffrey J. Barton.
AMAS		Craig D. Livingstone and Geoffrey J. Barton.		
STAMP		Robert B. Russell and Geoffrey J. Barton.
DOMAK		Asim S. Siddiqui and Geoffrey J. Barton.
MAP		Robert B. Russell, Richard R. Copley and Geoffrey J. Barton.
ASSP		Robert B. Russell and Geoffrey J. Barton.
OC		Geoffrey J. Barton.
SCANPS1		Geoffrey J. Barton.
SCANPS2		Geoffrey J. Barton.
AMPS		Geoffrey J. Barton.  AMPS was originally developed with 
				     Mike Sternberg, during 1984-1987.

If you can see a directory with the name of the program you are interested 
in, just download it.  If you can't see the directory, and you are an academic 
user you need to  register by sending an email to Geoff Barton stating your  
full mailing address and affiliation and giving a brief description of why you 
want the software. We will then send you the download instructions.

Geoff Barton Feb 2008