Thank you for logging into our ftp server.  We aim to use this server
as the primary means of distributing our software and difficult to 
publish (i.e. verbose) data related to studies.

All the programs on this ftp server are available free of charge for
academic, teaching and non-commercial purposes.  Most are also available
free of charge to commercial users.

See the README files in the appropriate directory for further information
about each program package.

16/Feb/1994:  PREPRINT subdirectory

There is now a directory called /preprints.  This will contain
preprints of some of our papers together with difficult to publish
figures and data.

16/2/1994:	preprint/ptp_factor13 - preprint and data for PTPase prediction
		and Factor XIIIa prediction.

June 1994:      This ftp server is now accessible via our http server.
                If you have a WWW browser (e.g. NCSA Mosaic), then open the 
 	        URL= http://geoff.biop.ox.ac.uk

26 August 1994: Added distribution of SCANPS

25 June 1996:   Added distribution of DOMAK.

20 March 1997:  Updated this README to include details of new license files.

2 April 1997:   Add oc distribution.

7 August 1998:  Moved software to html form distribution, moved preprints etc
	        to /ftp from Barton Group web server.
27 Jan   2014:  Files here are occasionally updated and added to, but no records in
                this README since 1998!

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