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CASP 3 - predictions from the JPRED server

Dear Predictor,

You can find secondary structure predictions for the casp3 experiment targets here.

The prediction results are from the automatic alignment and prediction methods used by the Jpred server. As such the alignments will not have all possible sequences that may be related to the targets. The predictions here should not be taken as a reflection of the accuracy of the individual authors prediction algorithms.

The best prediction is the one you make, after looking at the different methods... :-)

I have made these predictions available as a service to the community, and to save server overhead.

Best regards,

James Cuff


From the HTML prediction pages, by cutting and pasting into the 'YOU'box, you can now isolate your own prediction and have it displayed in CASP3 format

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CASP3 targets indexed: t0043 to t0085

Old CASP targets (non docking ones): t0001 to t0042

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