Jnet: A Neural Network Protein Secondary Structure Prediction Method

[James Cuff | Barton Group]

To reference, please cite: "Cuff J. A and Barton G.J (1999) Application of enhanced multiple sequence alignment profiles to improve protein secondary structure prediction, Proteins 40:502-511". A preprint version is available here.

This is a fascimile of the original Jnet page, which is no longer avaiable. This set of pages has had the links altered so they are local to the Dundee Compbio pages, and some of the HTML has been changed to make it HTML complient, but is otherwise the same. The original author was James Cuff.

How? How does Jnet work?
Download Obtain the Jnet binaries or source code, Jnet is freely available to all
Example An example prediction
Documentation Some (alpha) documentation for Jnet
Jpred2 Run Jnet from the Jpred service
Acknowledgements Thanks and credits to people involved in Jnet
Bugs? Surely not... :-)