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PDB checker (PDBC)

This is a simple program which looks for the location of a four letter PDB code (using the list of directories, prefixes and suffixes supplied in the file ./pdb.directories or if this does not exist STAMPDIR/pdb.directories) There are several options:

    pdbc -q <four letter code>

will merely report useful information (number of atoms, the occurence of HETATM, resolution, etc.) about each chain found in the PDB file which corresponds to the four letter code supplied.

    pdbc -d <four letter code>[<chains to be considered>]

this outputs a domain description (or more than one if more than one chain is given. Sequential use of this program can be used to create a list of domains for use in scanning.

    pdbc -m <four letter code>

this will just report the location of PDB and DSSP files. Good for a quick test of whether PDB codes can be found in the files specified in STAMPDIR.

Output is to standard output.