Welcome to Slivka website

Slivka is free software which provides convenient access to computer programs running on your local computer, server, or cluster.

Our servers offers multiple sequence alignment services Clustal Omega, Clustal W, MAFFT, MUSCLE, T-Coffee, ProbCons and MSAProbs; protein disorder prediction services GlobPlot, DisEMBL, IUPred, Jronn (a Java implementation of Ronn by P. Troshin and G. Barton, unpublished), JPred; and calculation of amino acid alignment conservation with AACon

Slivka web-services can be accessed through the Jalview desktop application (version 2.12 onwards), the Slivka Command Line Client or directly through the REST API. You can perform computations on your sequences using our publicly available server running at the University of Dundee. Alternatively, you can install Slivka on your local computer, server or cluster and be limited by your own computing resources only.

For Users
If you want to run bioinformatic services on the Slivka public server you can do it through Jalview client (2.12+). It's configured to use our servers out-of-the-box.
For Bioinformaticians
If you want to access public or private Slivka services from the command line or Python script use slivka-python-client. It also provides interoperability with Jupyter notebook interactive forms.
For System Admimistratos
If you want to host your own bioinformatic services, you should install slivka package on your machine. Refer to the documentation for more details of how to create and customise your own services. You can also download the configuration files used on our servers from our git repository here.
For Developers
If you are developing client-side software, it can communicate with Slivka servers via REST API or you can use one of the wrapper libraries slivka-python-client or slivka-java-client for Python and Java respectively.
The Slivka project is currently developed in the Barton Group at the School of Life Sciences, University of Dundee. Development by: Mateusz M. Warowny, James B. Procter and Geoff Barton.
The Barton Group
Division of Computational Biology
School of Life Sciences
University of Dundee
Dow Street
Dundee, DD1 5EH
Scotland, UK
Stuart A. MacGowan, Fábio Madeira, Thiago Britto‐Borges, Mateusz Warowny, Alexey Drozdetskiy, James B. Procter, Geoffrey J. Barton, The Dundee Resource for Sequence Analysis and Structure Prediction, Protein Science, 2019, https://doi.org/10.1002/pro.3783

The current funding for Slivka development is provided by UKRI BBSRC Bioinformatics and Biological Resources Grant: "The Dundee Resource for Sequence Analysis and Structure Prediction" 2018 to 2023 (BB/R014752/1) to Prof. Geoff Barton.