Docker Container

An alternative to running the JABAWS Virtual Appliance (VA) or the JABAWS Web Application aRchive (WAR) in your local machine, is to use Docker to handle all the requirements to deploy JABAWS in Tomcat. We provide a Dockerfile, which Docker uses to build an exact image of the required system, (i.e. Apache Tomcat server with the JABAWS WAR deployed).

Installing Docker

In order to run JABAWS using Docker, you need docker installed and running in your system. Installation instructions are provided in the Docker documentation pages.

Running JABAWS with Docker

Once you have docker installed and running in your machine:

docker build -t jabaws:2.2

This will download the required Docker contexts (Tomcat, etc.) and setup JABAWS. Once the setup is finished you can run the JABAWS container with:

docker run --rm -it -p 8080:8080 jabaws:2.2

This will launch Tomcat and deploy JABAWS. By accessing localhost:8080/jabaws/ you can verify whether the JABAWS is running properly. You can then use your Docker JABAWS container to power your analysis using Jalview or the JABAWS CLI.