A Protein Secondary Structure Prediction Server

JPred JNet v.2.3.1 training details

Step-by-step training/blind-test set selection:

The links below provide access to the exact sets used to train JPred/JNet (v.2.3.1) including DSSP, PSI-BLAST profiles and other ancillary files. The documentation link gives step-by-step details about how the datasets were selected.

Download the documentation

Training sample: 1348 sequences. Blind-test sample: 149 sequences. Full details:

Download archive

Training set summary table

Blind-test set summary table

Input database (UniRef90, release 2014_07, 09-Jul-2014 used for JNet training):

Download the UniRef90 database FASTA file(*)

* - note that file is large (5.1 GB in tar.gz archive).

Primary citation: Drozdetskiy A, Cole C, Procter J & Barton GJ. Nucl. Acids Res.
(first published online April 16, 2015) doi: 10.1093/nar/gkv332 [link]
More citations: link.