A Protein Secondary Structure Prediction Server

JPred Monitoring (Advanced Features)

This is a summary monitoring page.

Real-time monitoring

All the monitors update in real time, typically once every minute. All monitors typically show a history of about 5 hours (all plots are zoom-able - see "Extra functions" below).

With real-time updates of JPread server/cluster load one can predict dynamics of jobs submission/running and possible waiting time.

The monitoring functionality could especially be useful for advanced users, users with typically large number of submissions, users of JPred REST API who could add specific scheduling directives into their submission code.

Plots currently include:

  • Number of running/queueing JPred jobs
  • Average time per JPred job
  • Most probable time per JPred job
  • Number of slots used on the cluster

Click on the following link to open all monitors on one page in the same or a new tab/window. Please note that initial load may take a few seconds.

Usage patterns

A plot which summarizes JPred usage statistics for the last 30 days vs. time of the day (per hour) is available at: the following page and could be useful for discovering usage patterns (like much lower usage over weekends or during the night time (GMT)). Usage patterns then could be used by JPred users with automatic submission tools (like ones based on JPred REST API) to schedule submissions in a balance-load way.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for assistance in advanced submission manager programs.

Overall summary

Note that overall JPred usage statistics is gathered on the following page.

Extra functions:

  • All plots are zoomable (in both dimensions) by dragging the mouse.
  • All plots could be exported into PNG, JPEG, PDF, SVG or printed by pressing "options" button to the right of a given chart title (looks like: ≡) and selecting a desired format.
  • Plots with more than one graph per plot have clickable legends implemented: clicking on a legend would switch on/off corresponding graph.

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(first published online April 16, 2015) doi: 10.1093/nar/gkv332 [link]
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