JABAWS distributions

Read the Getting Started guides to better decide which JABAWS distribution better suits your needs. Additional information is available in the documentation pages.

Downloads I want to use JABAWS for...
Command Line Interface (CLI) Accessing a public or private JABAWS server from my own software
Web Application aRchive (WAR) Running JABAWS for my group, lab, or organization on the local infrastructure
Virtual Appliance (VA) Running JABAWS services through Jalview on my computer with a private server
Source Code Extend the functionally of JABAWS by adding new features and services.

Command Line Interface (CLI)

The command line client is an executable Java program for scripting against JABAWS web services. It is also useful as an example of how to access JABAWS services if you intend to use JABAWS in your own program, with functions demonstrating how to discover command line parameters and presets supported by a service, and how to run, monitor and retrieve the results of a job. Note: The client is used in Jalview to autogenerate a graphical user interface for JABA services.

The command line client displays help when executed without arguments, more details is available from the JABAWS document pages.

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Web Application aRchive (WAR)

The JABAWS Server Web Application aRchive (WAR) version is a better way to run JABAWS if you want to deploy JABAWS for many users, e.g. your laboratory, or if you are an experienced user and want to have more control on JABAWS. You can also use this version for Mac and Linux computers if you do not want to use virtualization. Finally, you can use this version on a computer cluster. The server is provided as a self-contained Web Application aRchive (WAR) containing all necessary binaries. The WAR file can be deployed on any web application server supporting the Java Servlet Specification (version 2.4 or above), i.e. Tomcat 8.5.

  • JABAWS WAR (includes source and precompiled Linux x86 and Windows binaries)

Please check the JABAWS document pages for further instructions.

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Virtual Appliance (VA)

The JABAWS Virtual Appliance (VA) is a way of running a fully functional JABAWS instance on your own computer. In order to use the VA, you have to install software from VMWare to run the virtual machine. We recommend VMWare Player which is available for free for Windows and Linux users. Once the VA is running, you can configure Jalview to use your local JABAWS VA with these instructions.

Please check the JABAWS document pages for further instructions.

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Source Code

We welcome developers who wish to develop and implement new web services for JABAWS. JABAWS is released under the Apache License, and its source can be downloaded below. The latest versions of JABAWS' source can also be obtained from its Git repository. The repository and code archive contains the complete Eclipse JABAWS project, but Eclipse is not necessary to build it. Please examine the Ant build file (build.xml) to build and test JABAWS from sources.

To request a JABAWS developer account please send us an email to the jabaws-discuss mailing list.

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