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Group Events in Pictures

Some important academic and social events of the Group captured on camera... Unfortunately we don't have time to update this very often, but lots is still happening!

15th Jan 2010

Christelle Viva See here for photos of Christelle Robert's viva party!

December 2009

Christmas 2009 See here for David's photos of our Christmas party on 6th December.

2006 Night View of Dundee

2006 Nightview Night view of Dundee captured by David Martin.

2005 Jon Manning and Emily Jefferson Birthday Walk

Emily and Jon Birthday Walk Images of a group walk to celebrate Emily Jefferson and Jon Manning's birthdays.

24th August 2005 Jon Barber's viva!

Jon Barber viva Congratulations to Jon Barber on the successful defense of his Ph.D. Thesis.  External examiner Simon Hubbard of Manchester University and Internal Examiner Charlie Bond grilled Jon for four hours before emerging to celebrate with the Group.  Images of the aftermath are here.

David celebrates publication of the GOtcha paper

GOtcha paper David Celebrates publication of the GOtcha paper (click on the image for a few more pictures).

April 2004Barton Group at Glen ClovaBarton Group at Summit of Glen Clova


24th April.  Outing to Glen Clova with a climb to Loch Brandy and on to Green Hill (870m) (8km round trip with 620m climb) to say farewell to Patrick.  Most of the group could go + a few extras :-)

The first picture shows everyone who went (only  Greg and Diego couldn't come) on the banks of Loch Brandy.  The second picture shows those who went all the way to the top.  All the rest of the  pictures from the day are here.

Geoff Barton, Suzi and Andreas at leaving dinner
September 2003

Andreas and Suzi leave us after three months as summer students in the group.  (The odd one on the left is Geoff).  More pictures from that evening are here.

July 2002Panoramic view of Dundee 2002

Panoramic views of Dundee taken from the 'big hill' in the middle of the city (Dundee Law) by David Martin. Images show the River Tay, the Road and Rail bridges, Tay Estuary and City.  You can even see our building!  It's the big blue and white one near the rail bridge.
Some more Dundee Panoramas taken by Geoff in April are here - they show views of Fife from the West End of the City (rail bridge on left) and City Quay (road bridge in background.)

June 2002HRH Prince Phillip at Post Genomics and Molecular Interactions Centre

Opening of Post Genomics and Molecular Interactions Centre By HRH the Duke of Edinburgh.  Some shots of the preparations before are here, and the dinner afterwards are here.

May 2002Geoff Barton with the original Computer Cluster

Late at night with the compute Cluster, Geoff gets his instructions.

April 2002Ron with the Cluster delivery

100 CPU compute cluster arrives. Images of Ron delivering the cluster, lots of boxes and Patrick giving it a hug.

April 2002Mike from Random Computing with Cluster Components

Installation of the Cluster by Mike and Ricky from Random Computing.   Yet more images of the installation are here.  Some really arty ones taken by Patrick, as well as some scary images of Mike Ferguson and Geoff Barton and  pictures of Jon and Patrick  by David M. are here.

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