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Old News

Record of news items from the Barton Group - from May 1994 when the website was first established to Nov 1999 (Legacy formatting). Note that many of the links refer to long dead web resources...


Jpred2 server now available.  This is an update to the JPred server and includes many new features.


3Dee domains database updated!  A major update to the 3Dee domains database has been completed.  A further update will occur in the coming months.


Jnet secondary structure prediction program now available. Predict secondary structure at over 76% accuracy.


ProtEST server now on-line.  Protein multiple sequence alignments from ESTs.  Reference to ProtEST publication added to Publications page.




Join the Jpred mailing list for discussion of protein secondary structure prediction.


PhD Opportunities at EBI - please see here for further details.

1 June 1999

FeatsiteHMS Beagle Featured Lab

19 April 1999

STAMP 4.2 distribution announced. 
See manual for more details.
See registration form to get the software.

23 March 1999:

Import www site into NetObjects and update.

17 August 1998:

 New Barton Group web site.  James Cuff

19 March 1998:

 Two new job adverts placed on  Jobs page 

30 December 1997:

 moved AMAS server to EBI machines. Also made scanps2 availabl e. 

 28 November 1997:

 Make server point all .html files at the EBI server. 

1 October 1997:

 Create copy of web server at EBI. 

1 May 1997:

 Revamped index page for this site by James Cuff. 

2 April 1997:

Add oc cluster analysis program distribution and manual. 

To 20th March :1997

Various changes and new additions. Changes to license files on ftp server. 

9th May 1996:

Add MAP paper to server as html and postscript. 

9 April 1996:

 Various small changes to the index page 

2 November 1995:

Add STAMP 4.0 manual and download instructions. 

26 Sep. 1995:

 Add domains paper preprint 

23 May 1995:

 Add Info on Wellcome Trust Centre and Job advert 

10 May 1995:

Include mention of DOMAINS database. 

5th April 1995:

 Re-format index page to make more concise 

24 January 1995:

Update bibliography to include recent work. 

5 December 1994:

Add brief synopsis of aims and work in progress. 

5 December 1994:

 Move search engines from index page to useful page. 

 29 September 1994:

 Add Experimental FORMS interface to AMAS multiple sequence alignment analysis program. 

 12 September 1994:

Updated bibliography to include new publications

 26 August 1994:

Added manual for the SCANPS package for rigorous databank scanning and announced distribution of Version 1.0 of the package. 

 17 August 1994:

Added manual for AMPS package. 

 17 August 1994:

 Gzip compressed PostScript versions of preprints installed. See the ftp server, or bibliography pages. 

 29 July 1994:

 Preprint of AMAS paper added to bibliography. 

 26 July 1994:

 Preprint of review chapter "Protein Sequence Comparison and Database Scanning" added to bibliography as hypertext document. Bibliography updated to include papers in press. 


 20 July 1994:

 Info on the group members - images too!

7 July 1994:

 Hypertext program manuals now available. Currently just ALSCRIPT

5 July 1994:

 Added Daresbury Lab to useful list 

 27 June 1994:

RasMol manual now online 

 20 June 1994

  Bibliography updated to include hypertext preprints 


 6 June 1994:

List of useful sites - was at end of Barton group page 

 26 May 1994:

On line bibliography with links to our ftp server. 

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