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Opportunities to join the Group

Post Doc and Other Positions

All jobs are advertised on, so please look there for the most up to date list of openings we may have. Also, please see our People page for details.

Independent Fellowships

We are keen to discuss options for post-docs who either have, or are interested in applying for competititve fellowships to join the group. Note this normally requires that you already have at least one first-author publication in an international journal. Please contact Geoff Barton to introduce yourself.

Applications for Ph.D. studies

Please see the School of Life Sciences Ph.D. Programme Pages to learn about the options for Ph.D. applicants and how to apply. Strong applications to this programme are usually well focused on particular supervisors and themes. If you want to work with Geoff Barton, then make sure you explain clearly in your application why you prefer him as a supervisor.

Summer Students

We do occasionally take on summer students and interns. However, we can only consider applicants who have already demonstrated their strong computing skills. Summer students from outside the UK normally pay for their own travel costs and living costs while in Dundee as we have no specific funding to do this.

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